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October, 2015

Critic's Corner

Critic’s Corner: Rob Zombie’s Hallowins and Halloweaks

By On October 27, 2015

This time of year is my absolute favorite; the aesthetic of fall in Wisconsin is one that I simply cannot get enough of. From the golden and red leaves dancing about in… Read More


On 70th Anniversary of UN, Voluntary Veto Restraint the Next Step for Progress

By On October 23, 2015

This weekend, the world is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. While indeed an opportune moment to praise past achievements, this anniversary must also be a time for introspection and… Read More

Critic's Corner

Critic’s Corner: Felt – Exploitation for Exploitation’s Sake

By On October 23, 2015

Ever since starting school in Milwaukee, and with the MKE Film Festival kicking off proper, I have been exposed to far more indie films in one month than I have in my… Read More


It’s Not Ignorance, It’s a Goddamn War

By On October 21, 2015

The House Judiciary Committee recently held its first of many hearings as part of a loosely-substantiated investigation into the supposedly morally-bankrupt activities of Planned Parenthood in an effort to defund a crucial… Read More