About ReadCONTRA

Redefining news // Building networks of communities to report news from the front lines // An open platform to make journalism accessible

ReadContra is a network of students and communities around the world dedicated to telling stories that are too bold for tomorrow’s paper. These stories can’t be broken down into a listicle, and they don’t fit into a cable news soundbite. They generate discussion, challenge beliefs, and stir controversy. Because they matter.

We want to offer agency and informatory power to peoples and places that may not have access to such forces as the state of media currently stands.  We’re creating the largest scope in non-profit news and building an open platform for journalism that anyone can contribute to. ReadCONTRA finds the voices that are overlooked by traditional media and the opinions too divisive for mainstream outlets and gives them a place to be heard.

This move towards grassroots journalism cuts down on time lapse and intermediary informers; we want to drop the news from where it happens right onto your computer screen, with no filler, no fake, and no filter. If you believe that there’s more to the world than the surface-level voices of media giants, if deep analysis and empathetic storytelling sound like a worthwhile endeavor, you’ve found your community.

We say what no one is saying. We hand the mic to the people who live the news, not the people who report it. We take apart the 24-hour news cycle to find out what’s really going on. We look deeper. And you can help us uncover the world. ReadCONTRA.

If you would like to work with our site, contact us.

Rajiv Golla // Founder