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Adam Khatib


White People: Changing Your Facebook Status isn’t Helping

By On November 22, 2015

In the past week, students across the nation have been protesting against the marginalization of students of color on university and college campuses. In the process, they have brought to light the… Read More


Imperialism: A Barbaric, Oppressive Policy, With No End In Sight

By On September 21, 2015

The United States prides itself on the fact that we fought communism, thereby restoring “democracy” and spreading capitalism in many parts of the world. History books highlight the direct influence of the… Read More

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Ten Things You Need To Know: June 30, 2015

By On June 30, 2015

 Iranian Foreign Minister Still Believes In Nuclear Deal “Returning to Vienna for the final stretch of nuclear negotiations after getting instructions from Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tuesday he… Read More


An Embarrassing History, Preserved By The Flag

By On June 29, 2015

It’s no secret that racial relations in the U.S. have been strained because of recent events, involving mass shootings, and questionable actions by police officers. The recent tragedy in Charleston brought to… Read More

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Ten Things You Need To Know: June 23, 2015

By On June 23, 2015

SC Legislators Meet Over Confederate Flag “At lightning speed this week, state legislators and chief executives took giant steps to remove it from public view. The state Legislature in South Carolina plans… Read More

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Ten Things You Need To Know: June 9, 2015

By On June 9, 2015

Former US House Speaker To Be Prosecuted For Federal Charges “Dennis Hastert, a former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, is due to be arraigned in federal court in Chicago on… Read More


The Baltimore Oppressed and MLK Are Incomparable

By On May 13, 2015

Many supporters of the riots argue that this is the only form of expression that the Baltimore oppressed have. The opposition to the riots counters the argument by claiming that peaceful protests… Read More

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When A Faulty System Lends A Hand

By On April 15, 2015

“America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense human rights invented America.” –President Jimmy Carter Without a clinical, dictionary definition, human rights are a set of moral principles intended… Read More