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Madison Santos


Top Moments of Hopscotch Music Festival 2014

By On September 26, 2014

North Carolina is an outlier of showcasing experimental music in the Deep South, with it’s local music scenes respectively in the Triangle Area, Asheville and Charlotte but also in its ability to… Read More


Best New Music: August 18

By On August 18, 2014

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Best New Music Playlist: The week of August 3rd

By On August 4, 2014

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Pitchfork 2014

By On July 30, 2014

Pitchfork Music Festival stands alone in the summer series of festivals worldwide. Surrounded by the mountainous skyline of the metropolis of the historically musically driven city of Chicago, you feel as if… Read More


The Best Music of 2014

By On July 10, 2014

100s- Ivry The newest all-star out of the Bay Area rap scene dropped one of the most impressive releases of 2014, with this funky almost jazz inspired entirely self-aware mixtape. “Ten Freaky… Read More

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Taking to the Streets in a Critical Mass

By On July 9, 2014

Cyclists are an odd bunch.  Individually, they come in many shapes and sizes: thirty something commuters, tattooed couriers, lycra-addled athletes; collectively, they form coalitions to fight for their chance to share part… Read More

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The Rise, End and Rebirth of @everyword

By On June 30, 2014

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, our beloved Twitter account, @everyword has run its course. If you’re not familiar with @everyword, it is a Twitter bot designed by renaissance man computer… Read More


Bonnaroo Revyoo Pt. 2

By On June 25, 2014

My feet are just starting to forgive me after the torment they went through on the day of reckoning of Bonnaroo, Saturday. This is the day where everything comes to a crescendo… Read More

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Bonnaroo 2014 Revyoo Pt. 1

By On June 20, 2014

I’ve been trying to find a clever way to begin this and figure out where to even start discussing one of the best weekends of my life, but I have no idea… Read More

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The Roots- & Then You Shoot Your Cousin

By On June 9, 2014

I’m still trying to get over the sheer excellence that was The Roots’ last album, undun, but given the overlords of modern hip-hop’s most recent release, & Then You Shoot Your Cousin,… Read More

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7 Music Festivals You Need to See This Summer

By On May 29, 2014

Now that we’ve outlasted the culturally misappropriated bindi /Native American headdress-donning Coachellans, seen a record breaking time of selling out at Lollapalooza, and as we get closer to Bonnaroo (19 days!!!), we… Read More