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The Unspoken Power of the Media

By On June 20, 2014

The media is an integral segment of public knowledge sources, and can wield powerful influence, particularly in the dissemination of political and legislative information. The media is an essential, inescapable facet of… Read More


The R- Word

By On June 17, 2014

The more I think about it, the more stupid I feel for being scared to admit this, but bear with me. My name is Sarah Hakani, and I’m religious. If I haven’t… Read More

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Happily Ever After?

By On June 6, 2014

In 2009, Fox Searchlight Pictures produced a movie called 500 Days of Summer. The plot of this movie seemed incredibly simple and outright cliché. Boy meets girl completely “out of his league.”… Read More

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The Cost of Culture

By On June 5, 2014

Before my siblings and I left the nest, my family tried to take a vacation once a year. We were fortunate enough such that many of these trips were to foreign countries.… Read More

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Justice for all? Why America’s Prisons are Overcrowded

By On May 28, 2014

On this past Memorial Day weekend, most Americans honored those who have served, had barbeques, and wondered why Game of Thrones didn’t air. On Memorial Day, we are to show thanks for… Read More

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By On May 28, 2014

Last semester, I ended up taking a 14-hour bus drive to U Michigan for a hack-a-thon (a three day nerd fest fueled by ambition, red bull, and a lack of a social… Read More


Charitable Caring

By On May 28, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls. I’m sure by now you’ve seen this hashtag on every social media platform you’re on. You probably know what it represents or you might not. But to be honest who cares?!… Read More


Next Time You Get EMS’d, Thank Them

By On May 27, 2014

First off, my experience as an EMT is pretty limited. I only completed the certification class a few months ago and I can’t even legally practice yet. However, in the 24 hours… Read More


Please Stop Speculating About the 2016 Presidential Election

By On May 20, 2014

The next presidential election is still over two years away, so please stop speculating. Every time a news organization predicts a potential candidate something happens that ruins their chances. Chris Christie was… Read More