Nov 27, 2021 • 1HR 35M

Building Things with Malcom Kyeyune

Talking with a Swedish mad lad about power, politics, and more.

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Pedro L. Gonzalez
The official podcast of Contra, hosted by Pedro Gonzalez.
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Malcom Kyeyune is a Swedish writer, thinker, and steering council member for the Oikos think tank. You may have read him UnHerd, The Bellows, or American Affairs. He’s also of the most interesting, funny, and insightful political observers right now. It might help that he’s thousands of miles removed from American affairs. Sometimes an outsider can see things that we can’t because we are in the thick of it.

Like Malcom, I think the most important thing someone operating in the political arena can do is serve others. Thus, when we talk about building institutions and political movements, it is important to remember the Middle Americans for whom we are building them.

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