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That was a great set of new bits. The Kennedy thing just won’t go away. I’m not sure the real story will ever be completely known. Certain facts have become so bastardized by the recounting. The more nefarious the better.

The Musk thing may not completely due to his “yearning for world peace “. Before the news even came out here there were reports circulating on Russian speaking Telegram Channels that he had been warned about letting the Ukes use the network more than they already were. There were suggestions that his satellites may be knocked out of use altogether if he persisted. Who knows.

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I don't know if it warrants an article, but I have a question. When Biden (as stated in the video), said to Ukraine "fire that prosecutor", and they said, "you don't have the authority", what was the official position of the Obama White House - did they want him fired or was that Biden's decision. Was he changing policy, or was he following it out?


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The incidence of regime incursions on citizen rights across many fronts has almost become too many to usefully track. One more hardly matters We don't need more outrage. We need to learn how to resist and survive this increasing repression that seems likely to become part of everyday life. This dimension ought to be in the background of every story. Our outrage online (on Substack) is an outrage that has been successfully siloed. Our outrage in the world on the streets will bring sentences similar to J6er's. This dilemma will only increase with the increase in repression.

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