Raw Egg Nationalism

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Raw Egg Nationalism

Righting modernism's wrong turn, one slonk at a time.

I was very excited about this interview.

The Raw Egg Nationalist has become a phenomenon. Everyone from Jack Posobiec to Noor Bin Ladin has jumped on the train he’s conducting against the modern world.

REN is one of many anons questioning conventional wisdom and calling for a return to simpler ways of doing, thinking, and living. Atavism is alluring when modernity has become synonymous with “nightmarish.”

But why does REN publish a men’s magazine? Why consume raw milk and three dozen raw eggs a day? Why mercilessly ridicule the purveyors of seed oils and fake foods?

We discuss all this and more. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that REN and I have similar backgrounds.

You can purchase all of his magazines and books here. Follow him on Twitter.

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