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And a Happy New Year

Reading for Radicals

Sun, Steel, and paleocons

The Round Rock Interviews: Mary Bone

Never Forget Waukesha

Building Things with Malcom Kyeyune

The War on American Communities

Rittenhouse and the Black Lives Matter Riots

No Country for White Men

Heidegger and Virtuous Anti-Liberalism with Michael Millerman

Crime, Punishment, and Anarcho-Tyranny

Shotgun Safari

A Talk with Anthony Sabatini

Interview: Cato Institute ‘Mercenaries’ Paid To Push Pro-Immigration Studies

The Tragedy of Jake Gardner

Big Family with Terry Schilling

Event: Middle American Partisans

The Rape of the Afghan Boys

Contra: Learning from Lenin

'Here was a Caesar, when comes such another?'

Contra: Infinite Devil Machine

Stupid, Like a Rolling Stone

Against Conservatism

Contra: The Good, Bad, and the GAE

Cthulhu Swims Left

Cthulhu Swims Left


Contra: The Intersectional Imperium

Middle American Bureaucrat

Middle American Bureaucrat

Contra: If Only You Knew How Bad Things Really Are

Blood In Blood Out

Contra: Your Leaders Hate You (and You Should Hate Them Too)

Contra: You'll Own Nothing and Be Happy

House of Pain

A Talk with Joe Kent

Discourses: A Talk with Joe Kent

Contra: Shortwire

Contra: The World Turns


Contra: Hellworld Odyssey

The Family v. the Atomized Individual

Discourses: The Family v. the Atomized Individual

Contra: Night City

Walking Tall


Reaktionary Feminism

Discourses: Reaktionary Feminism

Contra: Under the Black Flag 🏴

The Anglo Interlude

Contra: True Enmity

A Talk with Bo Hines

Discourses: A Talk with Bo Hines

Contra: We Read a Little Machiavelli, It's Called We Read a Little Machiavelli

Trump's America Online

The Globalist American Empire with Darren J. Beattie

Discourses: The Globalist American Empire with Darren J. Beattie

Contra: Hello from Hellworld

Contra: Gravedigging Shift

Companionship in Clown World

Contra: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Discourses: Simps and the City with Default Friend

Contra: Globalist American Empire (GAE) Problems

The Patriotism Question

Contra: Don't Kiss the Girl

Discourses: The Woman Question with Helen Roy

Contra: Virgin Tech CEOs vs Chad Indians

Discourses: High-T Socialism with Alexei Arora


Contra: Build Your Own Better World

Contra: Day Late, Dollar Short

Commentary: Rising Above Conservatism

Once by the Bubble

Contra: Sacred Cows and Coomsumerism

Commentary: The Conservative Case for a $15 Minimum Wage and Pulling Down the Temple

Discourses: Bimbo Nationalism with Sandra Soliman

Contra: Leviathan Strikes Back

The Mask that Power Wears

PSA for Founding Members

Contra: American Online Populism

Commentary: A Lesson in Power

Discourses: The Conservative Movement with Paul Gottfried

Contra: As Clown World Turns

Revolution Road

Commentary: Rewarding Enemies, Punishing Friends

Failure to Launch

Contra: Full Contact Safari

Commentary: Immigration Politics as Wish