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An Empty Suit and a Rainbow Flag

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Why, What, Whither Contra

The ‘Patient Zero’ of Transgender Kids

The Marine Biden, and Trump, Left in Russia

Yoel Roth, ‘Gay Data,’ and Child Exploitation on Twitter

Border Patrol Union President Pushes Amnesty for Millions

Contra Review #5

No Country for White Men: The Story of Paul Whelan

The Drug Dealer Pardoned by the President to Please the Rapper

The Transgender Leviathan

Silver Linings After the Midterms

Rethinking the U.S. Alliance System

War Room Notes from Mar-a-Lago

Midterms, Pandemic Amnesty, and U.S. Politics

GOP Leadership Is the Enemy

Timcast IRL

Audio: Libs Want ‘Pandemic Amnesty.’ Give Them Punishment.

Libs Want ‘Pandemic Amnesty.’ Give Them Punishment.

Anti-Whiteism: The New American Religion and Totalitarianism

Fisted by Foucault Interview: 'Doing the Job That Americans Are No Longer Willing to Do'

Audio: Losing Control of Twitter

Losing Control of Twitter

Contra Review #4

Audio: Tragedy Is a Flat Circle

The Meaning of 'America First'

Tragedy Is a Flat Circle

Pathological Softness

Keeping Out the Jacobins

I'm Back: Tucker Carlson Tonight

Contra Review #3

The New Gods

Contra Review #2

Mass Shootings and the World Liberalism Made

The Middle American Machiavelli

Contra Review #1

The Road to the Russo-Ukrainian War

Let the Dead Consensus Die

The Media War Machine and the Current Thing

Against Neocons, Old and New

The Blood on George W. Bush’s Hands

When the Dead and Wounded Matter, and When They Don’t

Wishful Thinking

And We're Back

Weekend Update FM

Whose War Is This Anyway?

Anything Heavy

Elon Musk Versus the Regime

Warmongers Get It Wrong Again

Interview: Red State Republicans Selling Out to Woke Capital

The Historical Roots of the Russo-Ukrainian War with Sean McMeekin

Interview: The LGBT Complex Is Coming for Your Kids

No Compromise on the Intolerable

'False Flags' Demand Strategic Skepticism in Ukraine

War on the Brain

World War Reddit

How the West Sowed the Seeds of War in Ukraine

Against the Warmongers

At the End of an Era

'Time for the Protestors to Hear Our Jackboots on the Ground'

Gov. Noem Endorses the Attorney of a Billionaire Under Investigation for Possession of Child Pornography


Now They Tell Us

The Conservative Case for George Soros

Raw Egg Nationalism

Killing Ourselves Over the Kremlin

Giving the Nod to Neocons

The Round Rock Interviews: Dustin Clark

Interview: Against the Left with Pete Quinones

Smear Inc.